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 My gut and I

As long as I can remember I’ve had issues, gut issues that is. Since i was a little girl I remember my mother making frequent trips to Mexico and bringing back homeopathic remedies for constipation. I was embarrassed. I was always the one in my family with skin issues. I had white patches on my elbows- itchy and dry. Yuck, I hated it. Doctors said it was eczema; I just needed a medicated ointment. We blamed the water, the laundry detergent and once a doctor suggested it may be related to stress. Fast forward to teenage & college years in Oklahoma- dry skin, brittle hair, eczema, acne was my new normal and the bloating and constipation was something I had learned to live with. Not fun, I felt gross, bloated and self-conscious about my skin. But doctors said my symptoms were something I had to learn to live with. I knew there had to be another way; I needed answers…...


“The #1 thing that’s made the most difference in my health has been healing my gut”

My beautiful family


 Training and Credentials


MS candidate

Currently completing Master’s program in Nutrition as well as working to obtain the Clinical Nutrition Certification. Also working in a clinical setting under the supervision of Internal Medicine physician, Monzer Yazji, MD in Edinburg, Texas. Dr. Yazji sees firsthand the value holistic nutrition has on his patients and therefore strives to provide a true integrative approach in his thriving practices.



Restorative Wellness Practitioner certification; this is a comprehensive functional nutrition certification program for qualified health professionals that teaches the use of advanced clinical tools such as lab testing, results interpretation, and customized protocol development to resolve even the most complicated gastrointestinal issues.



Nutritional Therapy Practitioner certified through the Nutritional Therapy Association. NTA Training Programs are uniquely based on a foundational holistic approach to nutrition. The curriculum is evidence-based and backed by science while honoring bio-individuality and the body’s natural capacity to heal.



Certified Holistic Nutrition Consultant certified by the American College of Health Sciences. This program applies the principles of nutrition & nutritional biochemistry to understand and identify the mechanical & biochemical changes caused by imbalances in order to address them and provide education that individuals can use to restore wellness.

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